07 February 2023 | Lesezeit: 3 Minuten

Time for a profile check: get the most out of your profile

Dealmaker or Dealbreaker? In this article, we show you how to get the most out of your profile and reach even more prospective customers.

How many of the people you’ve met recently on the street can you still actively remember? We perceive the other person in fractions of a second: We remember some of them longer — perhaps for their extravagant clothes — and some we don’t remember at all. It works the same way with your profile on WOCODEA. In this article, we want to give you a few valuable tips for how you can make a good and authentic first impression. Ready? Then let’s get going. 

Say “Cheeeeeeese”:


From experience, we know that people start by looking at the profile picture on WOCODEA profiles. What does your current profile picture look like? Does it appear professional? Friendly? Have you asked people you know for their opinion? Small changes in the profile picture can have a big impact. Ensure that you use a clean portrait photo, in which prospective customers can clearly see your best smile (“Say cheeeeeeese!”). Holiday snaps of you on the beach sipping on a piña colada may show that you’re an interesting person, but unfortunately you’ll come across as being less than professional in a business context. Our tip: Get support from the people closest to you, take more time over the profile image and then snap away! You can then pick out the best picture together — over a piña colada, perhaps! 

First impressions count!

Alice; 'you needn't be afraid of them!' 'And who are THESE?' said the Hatter, 'or you'll be asleep.

The What and the Why:


Many people know What they do, but only a few are able to also say Why they do it. And the Why mostly contains the passion, which is definitely a !Dealmaker!. Who do you trust to style your hair? Someone who is passionate about their work or someone who simply cuts hair? Take time to consider what you can offer new customers. Also, don’t write your description straight into the WOCODEA app, but note it down on a piece of paper first. Show it to people you know, ask for their opinion. When you’re happy with your description, type it proudly into the app. 


Small gifts smooth the customer relationship:


Consider an appropriate welcome bonus for prospects or new customers. Maybe a no-obligation consultation over a free cup of coffee, or a one-off 10% new customer discount? Be creative, come up with something, and publish it in your profile in the “My offer” section. Small gifts smooth the customer relationship. And they also maintain the customer relationship, which brings us to our next point.


Small gifts maintain the customer relationship:


Everyone who refers you likes something about you and your service. They primarily want to reward good work by recommending you (of course) to their friends, acquaintances and family. Give yourself a pat on the back! You’ve earned it! But also show your gratitude by also doing a favour for people who put you in touch with new customers — perhaps in the form of a small additional service. You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours!  



With these little tips and tricks, you’ll get even more out of your WOCODEA profile.